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70013 NOBBY StarSnack Barbecue "WRAPPED CHICKEN" 70g - PetsOffice

70013 NOBBY StarSnack Barbecue "WRAPPED CHICKEN" 70g

  • LE 12500

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- StarSnacks Barbecue act as a natural toothbrush. Due to the friction during chewing and the substances which are released here, is dissolved the tartar and therefore reduces him. StarSnacks Barbecue are low in calories because they are made of 100% rawhide and lean chicken meat. They are always a welcome and healthy treat for your dog.


StarSnack Chicken Treats are a great treat for all dogs. They are made of natural resources and are therefore very popular. They are delivered in a reclosable bag. Wrapped chicken consists of 68.5% chicken, 29.2% beef skin and only 1.5% fat!

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